Is the first international film festival in Mexico City that celebrates female creativity in all areas of the film industry, privileging the exhibition of national and international films that are written by, directed by, and/or that feature leading roles by women.

The primary goal of the festival is to promote substantive equality [1], making visible the perpetuation of stereotypes, primarily in cinema, as well as calling attention to the existing discrimination within the film industry. We are working towards decreasing the gender gap on and off the screen, encouraging the exhibition of films that bring diverse and nuanced female characters, free of stereotypes, to the culture and entertainment industries. Therefore, we’re taking a stand for films with fewer possibilities for commercial runs in order to transform the hegemonic representation models, symbolic violence, and thus, the lived experiences of women.

[1] Understanding substantive equality to mean–according to the law—a de facto equality, in which rights are equally applied and practiced in reality, achieving change that goes beyond words and written accords, that is, with observable results.